Loneliness (Prose Poetry)

Loneliness (Prose Poetry)

It was night-time and she was alone.

And She looked out the window and heard a quiet rustling trees. Trees were covered with white and beautiful snow. And she was beautiful. And she was alone. Alone she stay in the dark. Alone she pray to survive. ‘Alone’ she cried again.

And The air was still in the silence of her room. The snow falls agains the window. Little lonely snowflakes. And She was waiting. And she was beautiful. She was looking at her phone every minute. And she was hearing. She listened to the call that does not ring.

She looked at the young couple who walked down the street. Lovers. They were walking and laughing. So happy and beautiful. And she was beautiful. She looked at her phone. And silence.

And the town was like a fairy tale. The magical houses, covered with snow was amasing. The street cars were Like frosted cakes. Winter time is time to be free…

And she was sad and lonely. And she was beautiful. She was alone in wealth. And the tried to understand.

And the phone rang… And it was mother…And she smiled…Ahe is not alone… She is the happiest woman in the world…


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